Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Tips for Backpackers, Travellers

I am not an expert backpackers, but i love traveling. Sometimes, my friends and i spend our free time to have traveling. Explore our lovely beautiful island or just visit another city. When we go travel, there are some goods that we have to prepare. This is one of my advice from you to bring in your backpack or your bag. Check this out :

1. Money. Don't miss your wallet. Although you have debit or credit card, you should have cash saving. Don't put all of your cash into the wallet. Just put it in separate place, at least you have 2 different space for your money. It will help you when something bad happen. Don't forget to save little cash on your pocket.

2. Smartphone. This gadget can do anything for you. Don't forget to bring power bank.

3. Mukena or sarung. If you are muslimah or muslim, you need this outfit for sholat (prayer). So, don't forget it.

4. Mineral Water. Snacks is additional, but water is priority because our body contain 70 persen of water, don't mess you traveling because of dehidration or feeling thirsty.

5. Clothes. Don't bring many clothes. Estimate the time you have spend to traveling. is it for one day, two days, three days, or for one week to calculate how many you have to bring your clothes. just one or two t-shirt and it's ok. just don't forget to bring underwear enough.

6. Camera. It's good to bring it to make a good photograph with your friends.


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