Sabtu, 12 Maret 2016

Become one memory

It has been more than two years. I still remember when we first met. You sit down on the couch, kept silent. your glance showed the emptiness. I just ignored what you felt. Straight forward myself to say hello to you. And you replied me with short answer. Keeping your sight straight. With a naif smile, i broke the ice air that you had built.

The time has gone. there were the time when we laugh together. We talked to much until we didn't realized about the dawn had come. When you cried a lot, i just sit beside you with no word. Just to calm you, i didn't need a word or a hug.

You always say that i am not an ordinary girl that need many excuses to solve the problem. I look like a guy that doesn't need a lot explanation about something. having a few expression and cold.  I have a lot of building in my heart that only a few persons can sees it. Those are your thought about me. And i can say that you are right. You are a few people that concern about that. Many people just know me as limited that i show them.

But now... We are apart by the island. You are far away with your daily life in another world. I do too. I miss every moment we had. I always blame myself why i could not express my feeling. But i didn't regret it. Because it is just our friendship go on.  Just know that you are healthy, making a lot of friends, having stable job, and have a lot friendship make me relief. I am grateful that Allah SWT sent you to make a beautiful memory in my life.

Hope you'll be successful in your life, reach your goal, and live happily.


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